About Our Celebration

We are the Bears, the mighty, mighty BEARS!

We are sad and disappointed that we as a community are faced with the Covid-19 crisis and we are all affected.  

 It is the reunion committee's unanimous decision to postpone our 40th Reunion and regroup in the months ahead to get back on track with new plans! 

 We are as equally disappointed to learn that our venue, The Republic Country Club, is closing it's doors permanently.  This helped to solidify our decision.  

Please take care of yourselves and loved ones,

this too, shall pass

The committee thanks you for your patience.

We hope that this is not a big hassle for everyone and ask that you just stick it out with us!! 

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Reunion Committee

Questions, comments or concerns?  Give us a shout. 

We'll get back to you soon! 

Spring Branch HS Class of 1980